Shipping Schedule

Order closing dateDepartureDeparture dateDestinationArrival date
10-01-2024From Niigata18-01-2024Most European destinations19-01-2024
15-02-2024From Niigata28-02-2024Most European destinations29-02-2024
01-03-2024From Niigata13-03-2024Frankfurt14-03-2024
01-02-2024From Niigata13-03-2024Copenhagen14-03-2024
19-03-2024From Niigata02-04-2024Most European destinations03-04-2024


Up-to-date stock list for ease of purchase and shipping


Secure and correct shipping to worldwide destinations


Regular shipments throughout the main seasons


For those who do not wish to visit Japan to choose their Koi, Mr Nishikigoi offers consolidated shipping. Visit our online stockpage which details available fish from our breeders throughout the season along with a sample picture and video and make your choice.

With multiple shipments from February to June, then October and November we deliver to worldwide destinations with new routes constantly making Japanese Koi even more accessible. All shipments are sent to the airport in temperature controlled trucks. Al Fish is used to keep the water fresher for longer, meaning the koi arrive in the best possible condition.

Our network of agents sort out the complicated import licenses and paperwork so buying Koi through them makes access to direct shipments and direct shipment prices easier. 

And our vast experience, coupled with working closely with the breeders, makes sure the Koi arrive safely to their destination. Should an incident occur, we have an efficient claims process.

If you are after something special, our connections with local breeders means we can also provide hand selected, special offers throughout the season on boxes of koi or high quality individual pieces.

We can also fulfill specific orders requested to us placing us miles ahead of our competition. Provide us with a specification of selected Koi prior to purchase and we will find a video and photo match.

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